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About Us: Introduction to Dennis Education: Dennis- Study Abroad And Travel is a US-based educational institution established by Professor Dennis in conjunction with American university professors and primary and secondary school teachers in 2005. The goal is to dig deep into American quality resources for international Students provide application for studying abroad and summer school programs and famous school curriculum experience like Harvard. We can help provide boarding counseling, growth navigation, special training, integration into the United States and other comprehensive services we have extensive cooperation with schools around the world to carry out a number of cooperative school projects: Postgraduate 1+1, this master's continuous reading 3+2, undergraduate 2+2, high school 2+2, exchange students, visiting scholars. After years of development, Dennis Education can help you reduce your study cost by 30%-50%.美国丹尼斯教育简介:Dennis— Study Abroad And Travel(丹尼斯留学与游学机构)是Dennis教授联合美国大学教授和中小学教师于2005年组建的美国本土教育机构,深挖美国优质资源,为国际生提供留学申请,夏校申请,童军游学,哈佛等名校课程体验,寄宿辅导,成长导航,特长培训,融入美国等全面服务,并与世界各国学校的广泛合作,开展多项合作办学项目:研究生1+1,本硕连读3+2,本科2+2,高中2+2,交流生,访问学者。经过多年发展,Dennis教育可帮您降低留学成本30%-50%


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A full range of US high school applications and services全方位的美国高中申请及服务

Featured Migao Application: Prestigious School Application + Dennis Homestay Counseling Manor特色美高申请:名校申请+丹尼斯寄宿辅导庄园


The boarding counseling center is not a homestay. Dennis Education is an officially registered educational institution in the United States. It has passed strict inspections by the government and schools.寄宿辅导中心不是寄宿家庭,丹尼斯教育是在美国本土正规注册的教育机构,经过政府和学校的严格检查合格


Our advantages: professional teacher management, daily tutoring English, with a wealth of extracurricular activities, help students integrate into the United States, and significantly reduce the cost of studying abroad 30% -50%我们的优势:专业教师管理,每日辅导英语,配丰富的课外活动,帮学生融入美国,并大幅度降低留学成本30%-50%

US-based research application: For 20 years, we have been focusing on applying for Ivy, New Ivy, Public Ivy, and Little Ivy - to bring you the best school in the hearts of Americans!美本美研申请:20年来一直专注申请常青藤,新常青藤,公立常青藤,小常青藤 -—带你寻找最适合您的,美国人心中的好学校!

Must you choose a school in accordance with the US, NEWS 2019 comprehensive ranking order? NO, that is unscientific, and some of Harvard's majors do not have employment advantages.一定要按照US,NEWS 2019年综合排名顺序择校吗?NO,那是不科学的,哈佛的某些专业也不具备就业优势


The Dennis education team is a professor or professional teacher in the United States. It teaches you how to choose a safe school first. In some parts of the United States, the law and order is very poor. Most places are closed at night. Secondly, according to the chosen profession and employment direction, the choice of famous enterprises is good. school. Dennis's American team knows more about the unspoken rules of admission to famous American universities. It is completely different from the Chinese concept. Excellent standardization results can only prove that you are generally like, and the elite schools pay more attention to 丹尼斯教育团队均为美国本土教授或专业教师,教您如何首先选择一个安全的学校,美国某些地方治安很差,大部分地方夜不闭户;其次根据所选专业和就业走向去选择名企心中的好学校。




The American Scouts advanced the award ceremony, and the famous American schools hunted the "eagle" in the Scouts, representing ability, courage, responsibility, dedication.美国童军晋级授奖仪式,美国名校纷纷猎取童军中的”鹰“,代表了能力,勇敢,责任,奉献


Dennis Study Tour Series: Dennis Education Recommendation Harvard University, MIT International Exchange Program, Summer Camp Course US Scout Sea, Air, and Air Force Summer Camp Stanford-Big-Berkeley-Connell International Exchange
 High-end study products A: Harvard Summer Camp Course + American Scout Sea, Air, and Air Forces Study Tour: Harvard University is recognized as NO.1 in the world's higher education institutions. Harvard Course: You want to experience the most advanced teaching methods at Harvard University. Grades? Not only is the English ability significantly improved, but you will also be surprised to find that you fall in love with English. Harvard Course 2: Harvard Business School's scientific speech, unique leadership and classic strategy negotiation skills. Course 3: The Harvard Summer School credit course can be converted into university credits. Harvard brings you not only Harvard: the admissions officers of more than 50 other universities will gather at Harvard University to meet face-to-face with you.丹尼斯游学系列:Dennis教育推荐  哈佛大学,麻省理工 国际交流项目,夏令营课程 美国童军海陆空三军夏令营 斯坦福-哥大-伯克利-康乃尔国际交流

 高端游学产品A: 哈佛夏令营课程 +美国童军海陆空三军游学: 哈佛大学被公认为世界高等学府中的NO.1,  哈佛课程之一:您想在哈佛大学体验用最先进的教学方法冲刺英语成绩吗?不仅英语能力明显提高,还会惊喜的发现你爱上了讲英文。  哈佛课程之二:哈佛商学院科学演讲力,独特领导力与经典策略谈判技巧 。课程之三:哈佛夏校修学分课程,可转换成大学学分。哈佛带给您的不仅仅是哈佛:届时其他50多所大学的招生官汇聚于哈佛大学与您面对面开招生讨论会。 


 Harvard language courses let you experience: What is immersive English teaching? What is PBL or project-based learning? What is CLIL, a content and language integration approach? Want to experience the Harkness teaching method? Harvard ELS Lecture: How to develop good reading habits and improve your English listening?哈佛语言课程让您体验什么是沉浸式英语教学? 什么是PBL即项目式学习法?什么是CLIL即内容与语言整合教学法? 想体验Harkness 教学法吗? 哈佛ELS讲座课程:如何培养良好阅读习惯并提高英语听力? 

Go to Harvard Harvard to earn credits!去哈佛哈佛修学分吧!


Harvard stands at the top of the world's prestigious pyramids, and its credits allow you to prove that you have the ability to complete difficult studies like all prestigious schools, and their credits can be converted into university credits.哈佛站在世界名校金字塔的顶端,其所修学分的课程让您像所有名校证明您有能力完成高难度的学业,其学分可以转化为大学学分。


Weekend study tour周末游学

 Weekend study tour: Do you think of other prestigious schools and dozens of college executives and cutting-edge admissions officers discussing university applications? Want to get their guidance for further studies? Want to experience the interview in advance? Want to apply face to face to the top US high school? Take a tour of the nearby town of Boston from 16:00 to 18:00 every day - go to the lobster town to eat lobster!周末游学:您想到其他名校与几十个学院的高管和最前沿招生官讨论大学申请吗?想得到他们的升学辅导吗?想提前体验面试吗? 想面对面申请美国顶级高中吗?每日课后16点至18点畅游波士顿附近风情小镇——去龙虾小镇吃龙虾吧!


Scouting: Do you want to experience the essence of American growth education - Scout Summer Camp? The US Scout Sea, Air, and Air Force Summer Camp welcomes you to fly into the sky and turn into a winged eagle; experience the alternative life of Pirates of the Caribbean by boat; How does the RV experience the migratory bird life of Jingyi Road? Decommissioned Marine Corps Captain Dennis is head coach of the Scouting, Captain Navy, Air Force Mt.O and Senior Member of the Boston Regional Flying Club Joe as your three-armed class. 童军游学:您想体验美国成长教育之精髓—童军夏令营吗? 美国童军海陆空三军夏令营欢迎您随我们一起飞上蓝天变成展翅雄鹰; 乘船下海体验加勒比海盗的另类生活;坐房车领略一路景一路家的候鸟生活吧?退役的海军陆战队长Dennis教授任童军总教练,海军上尉Mike,空军中尉Mt.O和波士顿地区飞行俱乐部资深会员Joe作为您的三军教习。


Crossing the US East and West Coast - Freedom Road, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Hollywood, Great Falls, Liberty Palace Independent Bell, etc. This tour is worthwhile. You will know why some students have SAT scores but they are rejected by famous schools. In addition, because you are missing these rich extracurricular activities and medals. The team of Professor Dennis of the United States welcomes you!跨越美国东西海岸—自由之路,自由女神,华尔街,好莱坞,大瀑布,自由宫独立钟等,这次游学,不虚此行,您会懂得为什么有些学生SAT考了满分却被名校拒之门外,因为您缺少了这些丰富的课外活动和奖章。美国丹尼斯教授团队欢迎您! 

High-end study tour B: MIT's classic STEM course and practice + American Scout Sea, Air, and Air Forces Study Tour: Meet all your fantasy of science! MIT is ranked first in the world in engineering and computer science, with the world's most advanced artificial intelligence laboratory, Lincoln Lab and Media Lab. By the year 2018, 93 Nobel Prizes have been produced. Do you want to experience the world's most advanced artificial intelligence technology at M.I.T.? STEM project: research human genes to build a robot.高端游学B: MIT的经典STEM课程与实践+美国童军海陆空三军游学:满足您对科学的所有幻想!麻省理工(简称MIT)的工程类和计算机学位居世界第一,拥有世界上最先进的人工智能实验室,林肯实验室和媒体实验室。至2018年已经培养出 93位诺贝尔奖。 您想在M.I.T.体验世界最尖端的人工智能技术吗?STEM项目:研究人类基因去建造一个机器人。


MIT Summer School MIT夏校课程

Week 1: Featured STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, Art, Mathematics) courses to cultivate scientific research interests;
Week 2: Read the latest literature in the field of research under the guidance of the teacher, draft and implement a detailed research plan
Week 3: Open research experiments in the laboratory.
Week 4: Each student reports their research results at the seminar. Each group conducts a scientific competition, writes a thesis, and the professor will recommend the results.

 第一周:特色STEM(科学,技术 工程,艺术,数学)课程,培养科学研究兴趣;


第三周:在实验室进行开放式研究 实验。 

第四周:每个学生在研讨会上报告自己的研究成果,各小组开展科学竞赛,写论文,教授将推荐成果 参赛。


More prestigious summer school courses更多名校夏校课程

 Do you want to explore future interests and exchange your career dreams with MIT at the top of the world?
Summer courses such as Stanford, Columbia, Duke, Cornell, etc. are also available. If you want to transfer to American students or international students, you can also offer New York University (art, film, media, finance), Rochester (Photoelectric) , music), RPI and WPI, Boston University, Boston College, etc.您想在MIT与世界顶级科学家面对面探索未来兴趣并交流自己的职业梦想吗?

也可提供 斯坦福,哥伦比亚,杜克,康奈尔等夏校 课程,如果想插班到美国学生或国际生中,也可以提供纽约大学(艺术,电影,传媒,金融),罗彻斯特(光电,音乐),RPI与WPI理工,波士顿大学,波士顿学院等  

高端游学酷C冬令营:美国宇航局太空营训+加勒比海军营训+迪斯尼世界和环球影城 +杜克大学课程 您想体验做太空宇航员去遨游宇宙的真实感受吗?先乘坐模拟宇宙飞船嫦娥奔月,再去火星寻找外星人,你会发现宇宙如此奇妙,观看,研究并使用模拟器,启发学生的设计思维与探索欲望,创新意识和动手能力,可谓超级STEM课程!或去加勒比海军训练营,快艇巡逻,潜水与海盗模拟作战!斯尼世界和环球影城带给您全方位科技梦幻感受!


Simulating Astronaut Courses and Practices: Conduct leadership training through water team activities and test engineering skills when building protective covers. Start the mission to the International Space Station and perform the Moon or Mars! Train like an astronaut on a 1/6 gravity chair and multi-axis trainer. Design, build and launch team rockets. Learn low elements in a water supply facility and apply your creative thinking skills to engineering design challenges! Listen to the stories of commercial pioneers such as Space-X founder Elon Musk模拟宇航员课程与实践:通过水上团队活动进行领导力培训 ,建立防护罩时,测试工程技能。 启动前往国际空间站,执行月球或火星的任务! 在1/6重力椅和多轴训练器上像宇航员一样训练。 设计,建造和发射团队火箭。 一个供水设施中学习低元素 ,将您的创造性思维技能应用到工程设计挑战中! 聆听Space-X创始人Elon Musk等商业先驱的故事!


Paradise Tour: From New York, head southwest along the Hudson River across the Catskill Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains, visit Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Emory, University of Miami, Air Force Academy, cliffs, mountain rivers, cuckoo narcissus, black bear wild deer, feel the beauty of Norman Lake in the south of the United States in February, m North War ruins, Music Hall of Fame, Rocket Center, Orlando Disney, Miami, Miami, to the Caribbean The End of the Earth - Key West.天堂之旅:从纽约出发,沿哈德逊河向西南下跨越Catskill山脉,阿巴拉契亚山脉,大雾山,参观哥伦比亚,杜克,乔治城,佐治亚理工,埃默里,迈阿密大学,空军学院,悬崖峭壁,山川河流,杜鹃水仙,黑熊野鹿,感受阳春二月的美国江南诺曼湖美景,m南北战争遗址,音乐名人堂,火箭中心,奥兰多迪斯尼,避寒圣地迈阿密,到达加勒比海的天涯海角-西礁岛。

Study tour is not exclusive to students, and Dennis Education focuses on the overall needs of society.游学不是学生的专属,丹尼斯教育关注社会整体需求。


Adult study tour成人游学

As a world power, the United States is in a leading position in the fields of science and technology, agriculture, finance, medicine, military, etc. Dennis Education is an expert study tour for all industry experts, scholars, and corporate executives.美国作为世界强国,在科技,农业,金融,医学,军事等领域均处于领先地位,丹尼斯教育为各行业专家,学者,企业高管组织成人专项考察游学团


Expert delegation, exhibition专家考察团,展会

协Assist clients in the US dollar, US stock financial assets. US land, real estate investment mining, corporate investment mission助客户进行美元,美国股票金融资产.美国土地,房产投资矿业,企业投资考察团


Seniors Study Tour老年游学团

Mothers like to shop and see the scenery, dads like to watch military history, retired old people like to hug the group, Father's Day. The best gift for Mother's Day is - the old study group! Take a look at how American seniors can drive a car.妈妈们喜欢购物看风景,爸爸们喜欢看军事历史,退休的老人喜欢抱团养老,父亲节.母亲节最好的礼物就是——老年游学团!看看美国老年人如何开房车畅游。

What should parents do if they don’t understand the lesson? What should I do after my graduation? Dennis's foreign teacher online class is waiting for you! In the first three months of the tour, the online English intensive course is taught every weekend. It is a monthly interactive video with the American children and carries out the following long-term counseling programs:家长担心听不懂课怎么办?留学生毕业后怎么办? 丹尼斯外教网上课堂等您来! 游学前三个月配每周末外教网上英语强化课,其中每月与美国小朋友视频互动交友一次,并开展以下长期辅导计划:


Dennis Growth Navigation Program丹尼斯成长导航计划

rowth Navigation: Three characteristics of admission to top US universities: academic ability, personality traits, global vision, daily plans from 5 to 19 years old, weekly plans, monthly plans, annual plans, language and performance improvements, School choice planning, special training, extracurricular activities, value guidance, and further education planning will help you get 4 awards: academic award, special award, presidential award, and eagle award. 成长导航:围绕美国名校录取的三大特征:学术能力,人格特质,全球愿景,制定从5岁到19岁的每天计划,每周计划,每月计划,每年计划,语言及各项成绩提高,择校规划,特长培养,课外活动价值观引导,升学规划,助您得到4大奖:学术奖,特长奖,总统奖,鹰奖。 


Dennis Entrepreneurship Coaching Program丹尼斯创业辅导计划

The admission of American graduate students to top universities requires not only excellent results, but also two years of entrepreneurial experience. Wharton and Harvard Business School require a company to be established, with a bit of performance and profit; science and engineering requires participation in project development research.顶级大学的美国研究生录取不仅仅需要优秀的成绩,还需要两年创业经历,沃顿和哈佛商学院要求创办一个公司,有点业绩和利润;理工科要求参加过项目课题开发研究。


International Student Family Heritage Program 留学生家庭传承计划

Dennis Education teamed up with the well-known wealth management institution Goldman Sachs Group, real estate company COLDBANK, Bank of America, immigration lawyers, trust institutions, insurance companies, and advanced immigration, tax planning, real estate investment, and balanced asset allocation at home and abroad for foreign students.丹尼斯教育联手美国著名的理财机构高盛集团,房产公司COLDBANK,美国银行,移民律师,信托机构,保险公司,为留学生家庭提前做好移民,税务规划,不动产投资,海内外资产均衡配置。